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Blackburn Pallets Ltd


Wooden Pallets

We can supply new wooden pallets in both stndard UK size and Euro sizes. Various grades available for both large contracts & small orders as required.


Recycled Pallets

Blackburn Pallets can collect used pallets, repair them as necessary and deliver your reconitioned pallets for re-use. We also buy & collect used pallets!


Euro Pallets

Commonly used for exporting goods throughout mainland Europe. Measuring 1200mm x 800mm, Blackburn Pallets stock hundreds of stamped Euro pallets

Blackburn Pallets Ltd

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Blackburn Pallets Limited,
Gorse Street, Blackburn,
Lancashire, BB1 3EU

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Telephone: 01254 695888We buy & collect used pallets
(Minimum quanitiy 50 pallets) Email: