Supplying new and recycled pallets throughout Lancashire & Yorkshire since 1992


Our new and recycled pallets are available in a range of sizes including UK Standard and Euro sizes.

Wooden Pallets

We can supply new wooden pallets in both standard UK size and Euro sizes. Various grades available for both large contracts & small orders as required.


Commonly used for exporting goods throughout mainland Europe. Measuring 1200mm x 800mm, Blackburn Pallets stock hundreds of stamped Euro pallets

Lightweight Pallets

Our pallets are available as heavy duty, standard and light weight. There are other options available such as two way, four way, 3 leg or wing pallets.


Blackburn Pallets can collect used pallets, repair them as necessary and deliver your reconditioned pallets for re-use. We also buy & collect used pallets!

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Blackburn Pallets was established in 1992 supplying local companies with new and used pallets.